Secret of Evangelion review

Name: Secret of Evangelion / シークレット・オブ・エヴァンゲリオン

Release date: 2007/6/28

Price: 5040 yen

Genre: Adventure game

Console: PSP

In Secret of Evangelion, you play as Kenzaki Kyouya (剣崎キョウヤ) of NERV Intelligence Section 1. Originally heavily wounded during the battle against the Third Angel Sachiel, he was later discovered by rescue workers and made a miraculous full recovery after one week and went back to work. He was also friends with Misato, Kaji and Ritsuko during University.

The storyline of the game starts off from Episode 17 of the anime, right after the NERV 2nd branch in Nevada was destroyed by an explosion. Skipping over the details to prevent spoilers, Kyouya later received a direct order from Ikari Gendo, triggering the commencement of the game itself.

Another new character that was introduced to this game was Kaga Hitomi (加賀ヒトミ). She works for NERV Technical Development Section 1 and works directly under Ritsuko. I will also leave her importance in the storyline a secret to avoid spoilers.

You progress in the game by choosing a location out of a list to visit. Every visit reduces the counter at the lower right by one. The only way to increase the counter is to trigger extra events, which will reveal additional information about other characters and often unlock event CGs as well. The graph at the lower left indicates the relationship between you and the EVA pilots, it will determine the ending that you will get at a later stage.

It is highly debatable if the material in this game can be considered as canon or not especially for a few of the events. While not explicitly affecting the story directly, it does however at times add additional information to canonical events or fill in gaps that the anime left behind.

While being highly text based and involves any combat in which you can affect the outcome, the storyline itself is very engaging with its intrinsic plot and sharp twists. I also like the way in which they inserted original material to flesh out information gaps in the anime.

And since I had just completed the game with an Asuka ending, I am going to end this post with some screencaps from that ending.





4 Responses to “Secret of Evangelion review”

  1. nice one!! i love psp games xD

    finally you updated ~_~ =x

  2. It’s that unit 04 fighting unit 01?

  3. Indeed it is. ^^

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