Sola’s ending Part 2

Author: —RDrake—

Hehe, the first post on Sola’s ending focused on techniques of a good ending. However, it seems from the comments that people think the ending sucked because Yorito and Matsuri died… Seriously, Sola is not a harem anime where haremites are not supposed to die…

Goodbye, Matsuri. You will be dearly missed…
Well, I guess that’s one way of looking at things. Personally, what I took the ending to be was that Yorito was looking at hope. Since he is just a copy, there’s no way he can come back to life. He will forever be living a artificial existence. Aono, however is different. With sufficient sacrifice, she can return to normal…

Now, how this differs from Yuuji is that Yorito’s existence is entirely reliant on external party Aono, while in Yuuji’s case, the Reiji Maigo is something within him. This means that while Yuuji can live on all he wants, Yorito cannot afford to do so without dragging Aono down, she landed in hospital after finally succeeding in creating him, after all.

Yorito values Aono’s happiness more than his own, so he feels that if his continued existence will hurt Aono, then he might as well leave the picture.

Matsuri didn’t kill herself just because Aono was going all immature. She feels guilty about selfishly bringing Aono back from the dead when Aono clearly wanted to die.

And oh, you really have to learn to understand Aono’s point of view too. First, Matsuri drags her back from oblivion, which was totally unexpected. Then she finds she is expected to spend an eternity without Yorito. At this point, not too few people would go crazy. Add on the fact that she is a Yaka being now, so her social life is practically dead. (Explains why she took so well to Koyori in the hospital.) What we now have is an Aono who lost her reason to live, and cannot escape to death either. The logical thing (to her, obviously we think differently…) would be to cling to Yorito 2 as much as possible to avoid the pain of losing him again.

At the end of it, what Aono really needs for her to get back to living normally (a Yaka being sacrifice aside) is a great big shock to wake her up. Sort of like the way slapping hysterical people sometimes works. What greater shock than losing her brother (at this point, it doesn’t matter that he’s a copy) and Matsuri, who used to be her best friend. This is my explanation for why Aono became normal after Matsuri died instead of going hysterical again. If anything, the time break between Matsuri’s death and her reunion with Mana and Koyori probably helped things a bit.

If anything, I doubt that a perfect ending was only 15% possible or so (rough guess). There could be no ending which would not feel right or unresolved if it did not include some painful parting of ways or death. Yorito’s love for Aono would rather Aono end her illusion of him being alive while Matsuri cannot face either of the other two out of her guilt. As for Mana and Koyori, they are the only two characters for whom the endings could have been better because they were innocent of any responsibility yet they lost their loved one and best friend respectively.

I do sound very pessimistic, don’t I? Especially since this is the world of anime where there is nothing wrong it’s not that bad to do some unrealistic stuff to get the ideal ending. But that is exactly what separates Sola from an average anime. Yaka beings, and all that might seem unreal, but Sola tries its best to graft them into reality, a laudable effort. So it’s ok to cry, it’s the idea of the show. Heck, the whole message in the end is that people should find happiness in their sorrow and move on, not lose themselves in it.

With that, I await the next great anime to come out… (and must go watch Kanon…)

7 Responses to “Sola’s ending Part 2”

  1. I don’t have a problem with Matsuri and Yorito dying (in fact, I expected it). I just thought they could have handled Aono’s character development better. You said yourself that Aono wanted “to cling to Yorito 2 as much as possible to avoid the pain of losing him again.” So what’s up with her unexplained 180-degree change in the final episode?

    And Yuuji was far from suicidal well before he even discovered he had the Reiji Maigo (which took a few episodes to get to).

  2. eih! nice blog. must have spent a lot of time watching animae!

  3. i cry when matsuri died :( i believe that aono died and yorito and matsuri end together i dont like aono she is always angry and i wanted her to died
    but it was the best anime i saw !!!!!!!!!

  4. Did Yorito and Matsuri loved each other?

  5. Did Yorito and Matsuri loved each other? Anybody knows if the manga ending is different?

  6. yeah, i cryed when Matsuri died. I don’t like Aono, but i don’t know why Matsuri and Yorito kissed just 1 time… i think they loved eachother…:):)

  7. charizardpal Says:

    Since Aono wanted to die, Matsuri should have stabbed her and took her life. Then everyone would be happy! Including me, the viewer!