wtf? Tank in CCS 1st movie?

Author: —Guncannon—
Title is self-explainatory. Long story cut really short, I have been hooked to CCS lately due to a few people’s hard-selling it on the #AB channel. Since the 1st movie was based in Hong Kong and I am from there, I was paying a lot of attention to the background and stuff, which netted me with spotting a tank.

Click on here for the picture.

11 Responses to “wtf? Tank in CCS 1st movie?”

  1. That’s from the Rake investigatory force of Pantsu Retrival. DO NOT PANIC… i managed to get a pair of Sakura’s pantehs no problem.. safe and secure in my vault of prcious memories >3!

  2. Guncannon forgot to put his name on his post again… Need to fix that…

  3. About when (minute:second) in the movie is that?

  4. Guncannon Says:

    It is around 27 minutes and 11 seconds.

  5. What movie is that?

  6. Sounds stupid, but what the heck is a tank doing there?

  7. That’s sort of… wow.

    It’s there because… the tank’s a disfunctional bootleg? xD

  8. another racist reference for the Chinese from the Japs -sigh – when is the immaturity going to end?

  9. Check out the spoilers on that thing.

    Pimp my Main Battle Tank.

  10. i don’t really think they meant it. I mean Japanese people are nice and all ^^ perhaps its one of their country stuff? haha

  11. It’s a joke. Kinda like the Budweiser beer can micro-missiles in Macross