How to identify this?

Yea, well, Doujin Work has been out for a few episodes now, and one thing has been bugging me a little. Does anyone know what is this?

Well, see, I used think it was an eraser during ep 1 and 2, but closer examination shows that it’s not… so, just what is it? it’s cute, but mysterious…

14 Responses to “How to identify this?”

  1. Panties or bloomers :3

  2. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I like the show, but when I see that thing, i spend the rest of the show wondering and have to rewatch it

  3. I hope you’re not seriously asking. It’s obviously a bloomer. :P

  4. Yea, it’s a bloomer. In the ending song, you see them all wearing bloomers too.

  5. Yup, it’s a dansu pantsu….

  6. ブルマーだよ! n_nv

  7. ^ Oops, let me rephrase:

    Yup, it’s a dansu buruma. :3

  8. dansu buruma. XD Lol.

  9. The second picture makes the pair of bloomers look constipated. Also, I believe those bloomers are sort of like Hiroyuki’s self-portrait in his works.

  10. @ Tedfox : Yes, I am seriously asking. Now I know better…

  11. bloomers!! =P

  12. Bloomer-kun!!

  13. @ aura : Damn you and your massive doujin store! What the heck is that?

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