More ODEX Madness? Stop the flaming. Please.

I certainly didn’t see this coming. ODEX has a new wave of HATE coming for it… According to this, it appears that Hardware Zone forumers have found the identity of someone who was gloating about sueing people. Turns out the culprit was none other than Stephen Sing (For those not yet in the know, he’s one of the directors of ODEX and also the secretary of AVPAS). What a shocker. ODEX has been making out to be pretty innocent so far, as if they didn’t have a choice. Now here comes a high level member expressing enjoyment of the sueing process… It’s a PR disaster on the scale of catching President Bush saying “Oh, actually, I’m having a lot of fun mucking around in Iraq.”

Well, this is definitely going to make some tempers flare like a summer wildfire. And with good reason too. However, I still don’t pity those who got caught. And, what’s worse? I expect a whole bunch of flamers to pop out of the ground and start hurling insults this way and that. Ok, this is plain wrong. You flamers are going to drag the community down. Stop it. Please.

Oh wow, the HATE!

Impz just came up with a good write up on the situation. It’s balanced and neutral, I agree with him, and it shouldn’t be flamed (although we are expecting it to be…).

Just because ODEX is sueing people who download anime, they get all the blame. It’s not particularly fair at all. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, downloading is illegal anyway, so already, you shouldn’t bitch too much and keep your head low.

Impz wrote about how the community is being naive. I agree. But there’s a few things I want to add on. I know that there are many anime fans out there who are mature, like impz. But for everyone of them, there’s a handful of Bleachtards who simply download the latest episode.
(Oh, my opinion of Bleachtards? Low. I hate the way they superimpose Bleach onto anime as if Bleach is all there is to the wonderful world of anime. All the great stuff that is not Bleach is conveniently swept under the rug/bed/sofa/your-choice-of-large-furniture. It potentially spoils a newcomer’s experience by limiting his exposure.)

Guys, Bleach is licensed. Locally. You can’t download it and expect to have it free. Yes, the VCDs are rock bottom on the quality scale, but you are just being stupid if you see it on the shelf, under a local company, and expect to get away with freeloading off the internet. Stephen Sing did not do the right thing, but neither should you! If you want your Bleach fix that bad, buy the stuff. Be a man, do the right thing… … *laughter* … sorry, couldn’t help myself there…

Oh, by the way, I’m not solely referring to Bleach, even though I expect most of those caught were stocking up on it. If it’s sold by ODEX, it’s not safe to download anymore.

Please, the community being small and relatively tight knit is both a pro and con. Sure, it’s nice and cozy to know just about everyone. But at the same time, when adversity occurs, the naive flamers tends to drag down the image of everyone else, since it becomes hard to distance yourself from them. Don’t make an utter fool of yourself. Think before you flame.

14 Responses to “More ODEX Madness? Stop the flaming. Please.”

  1. Yeah, seriously. Doesn’t matter what ODEX does or how shitty they are, downloading licensed anime is still illegal. People shouldn’t be surprised if they get caught. As you said: “Think before you flame.”

  2. The only to stop them is to kill them, drake.

    That’s the only way.

    Jail terms won’t work on these people. We have to ‘impress’ on them that they will have to pay

  3. Both sides should respect each other in this matter. Starting a flame war wouldn’t achieve much, do they?

  4. “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but the effects of two wrongs tend to cancel each other out. And the outcome is always better than one wrong.”

    Well looks like ALOT

  5. “Two wrongs don’t make a right, but the effects of two wrongs tend to cancel each other out. And the outcome is always better than one wrong.”

    Well looks like ALOT of Singaporeans are hot on ODEX’s tail so I’m gonna lay low for now…

  6. “Stephen Sing did not do the right thing, but neither should you!”

    Am I the only one that thinks this isn’t conveying what you really wanted to say? Or are you trying to tell us to keep downloading?

  7. @ Drm : Errr…. Kill… ? I’m afraid of blood, so I’ll leave that to you… Unless you are using guns, which leaves less blood around, I hope…

    @ dKiWi : I’ll leave my response to that as LOL.

    @ Aheda : Sorry there, it appears that I’m not as precise in my writing as I should be. In the post, I was ranting off against flamers (mainly as an effort to try to get them not to flame impz.) so not doing the right thing refers to flaming… not downloading…

  8. [Insert generic "This is Madness! This is ____!!" meme]

    I’d get worked up, but I’m feeling apathetic after all this furore. Then again, Singapore is a nation of whiners. Heh.

  9. The fansubbing groups (such as Dattebayo!) are to have some blame as well. If the popular shit gets licensed, then drop the fucking popular shit. The group doesn’t exactly lay low either. :/ Drop them or stick them onto IRC and lay low.

    The shit hits the people who download them though, and they sort of deserve it. Even though I kind of feel bad for them.

    … I laughed at how many Bleach downloads were tracked down though. Owned.

  10. @ MrMayat : Oh, the madness meme? I actually considered writing that in, but forgot how it goes… sad…

    @ Mikoto : Yea, that’s true I guess. Bleach IS licensed in the US right?

  11. Yeah, Bleach is licensed in the US. :P

  12. i am not surprise if odex gets hacked damm badly by hackers if they send letters to their house(they deserve it). Anyone i am still piss about the 5k sue. they sued my friend who is in secondary school and his family income is less than 3k. the sue is bigger than the income. Well now the family is burrowing money to pay off the amount.

  13. ^ Hacked…? Wouldn’t that put them in more legal trouble then they were already in? o_O

  14. @ masterkof : Ok, now that is just plain wrong. Whatever happened to their statement that they would settle for 1k for those who counldn’t afford it?

    @ Mikoto : Oo? Well, it depends on whether or not you get caught. For all you know, hackers nowadays could program something up, then carry it in a thumb drive to the nearest LAN shop and hack in anonymity from there…