Manga Cafe Trip

Hmm, today, I went to sell the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni trading figurines to Impz. Apparently, he was on his way to the new manga cafe at suntec city, so, having nothing to do, I pretty much followed him and his friends there. (Warning: This course of action is not advised for green haired lolis. Do not try this with Impz, you may never know what will happen to you.)

Hmm, no pics cos I didn’t have a camera, but impz did a pretty good job of that. (But he only uploaded a few of all he took.) So here’s the link to his review of the place

Well, to start of, a brief intro. The place is called the Manga Oasis Cafe, and it basically is a place for manga enthusiasts to sort of hang out. Also a good place for striving local artistes, I think…

Suntec City Mall #03-025J/J/K
3 Temasek Boulevard
No website at the moment cos it’s being revamped…
The design is pretty good, but a little bare at the moment. The green would be a good idea normally, but to cater to a niche group like manga enthusiasts, you need to be more striking, so more drawing, colour one. I guess the owner is waiting for more stuff to hang up. So we spent some of our time there giving him some suggestions and stuff for his decor. Well, hopefully it’ll look nicer in a while.

Hmm, the food was… I didn’t actually try any food, so I’ll leave impz to talk about it. I did though try one of the drinks called Coffee Yogurt (the name says it all). Interesting idea, though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea… Sour and bitter…

Service wise, well it’s good. Maybe it was because we went early and were the only customers, but the service seemed personable enough. The owner is a nice guy who makes the coffee himself. He also comes around to talk to the customers.

And does it live up to the concept of a manga cafe? Well, I guess that’s what the shelves of manga are for. The wooden shelf contains the stuff for browsing through while you eat. Apparently, they are all donated by customers. Well, that’s quite a good start for donations. I’ll be donating some of my own loose books I want to get rid of but can’t bear to throw away either… And impz managed to read half a volume of Ouran High during our time there, despite him doing all sorts of other stuff like take a video of me assembling his Higurashi trading figures… Oh, one thing to mention is that the lighting is good for reading. Very important since you are less likely to spoil your eyes.

Overall, I’ll say this place has plenty of potential. It’s just starting out right now that’s all. Well, could everyone please go down and support it? It’ll be rather interesting to see how things turn out there some time down the road.

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  1. Sounds like a cozy place. Wish they have it over here :(