Kodomo no Jikan OVA

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Konata pic in the meantime. Farewell, Lucky Star. It’s been nice…


Hmm, not many others watching this, eh? I don’t blame them. There’s nothing in it except innuendo for laughs. It’s doesn’t have any humour stemming from the “outrageous in the physically impossible sense” which I generally go for, but… IT’S FULL TO THE BRIM WITH “OUTRAGEOUS IN THE SOCIAL AND MORAL SENSE”.

For pictures, please refer to JTFish’s site (moegar.animeblogger.net) (sorry. hyperlinks not working on this school comp…). I don’t have the time to get any nice screencaps for you guys. Fret not, I’ve seen JTFish’s ones. They’re not too bad, if only having a MAJOR focus on “certains” shots. Well, that’s JTFish for you…

First up. In one OVA, it pretty much covers a whole range of the usual fetishes… As far as I can remember, there’s lolis (can’t forget this one, it’s almost the focus of the entire show), lingerie, milk, naked ribbon girl… Hmm, I think I forgot some stuff…

Also, it’s understandable why most people got turned off by this show. Lolis are fine when they are they to act cute and adorable. OMOCHI KAERI! That sort of thing. But… For 3rd graders to be thinking about all this “ahem”, mature stuff is, well… disturbing, to say the least. Even if Mimi is relatively innocent a a nine year old should be, Kokone and Kuro are well, pushing the envelope a bit. Oh well, maybe it’s because children these days are growing up faster than before?

Alright. This is definitely not another Ichigo Mashimaro. I admit I’m writing this quite late, but, well, better late than never…

5 Responses to “Kodomo no Jikan OVA”

  1. Not surprise by the furore cause by this anime. I was squirming at some of the scene myself. call me squeamish ^^.

  2. drakey-chan liked it when they started riding in that one scene.

  3. @ aurabolt : USODA! LIES! I bet you were the one who liked it!

  4. rake, it’s not good to lie to your readers.

    What rake likes: http://akibakko.net/122402

  5. I heard that