Impz’s Birthday Incoming

Well, for those of you not in the know, celebrity animeblogger Impz of THAT Anime Blog is celebrating his 25th birthday come this Sunday 14th October. Here’s to wishing him a happy birthday then! KANPAI!!!!

Oopps, I can’t drink…

Well, anyway, just a heads up. To all those of you thinking about getting Impz something for his birthday, don’t bother. He’s already said that he doesn’t want any presents and that anything directed at him should be kindly forwarded to Maestro. That’s right, basically, if you want to celebrate Impz’s BDay with him, just donate to Simple huh?

“A dollar is fine too”. Donate today, lol…

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  1. Donated!

    BTW you’ve got the sub-directory right but still the old domain for the link to my blog in your blogroll. ;)