Moe Day Surprise

Hmm, Moe Day is long over by a few days now, but I found something really interesting…

(For those not in the know, Moe Day is 10th October. It is derived from the kanji/chinese word for moe, which is made up by the kanji/chinese words for ten-day-ten-month.)

And it just so happened that on Moe Day the Chinese paper happened to publish a report on the NICE BOAT fiasco. (I believe I shouldn’t have to explain but, anyway, due to a murder in Tokyo, School Days episode 12 was replaced by some scenic views. Someone on 4chan commented NICE BOAT and the name stuck.)

Included in the article was a couple of pictures for the two shows that got cancelled. School Days, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. And the HiguKai pic was a moe moe Rika pictures… uguu~…

Here’s the scan of the article for those interested. By some accident, I seem to have left out the date for the paper, but I’ll fix that when I get my scanner working again.

8 Responses to “Moe Day Surprise”

  1. what paper is this? oh this is interesting. we actually have this type of news published? XD

  2. Oh, that one is the Lian He Zao Bao. Wednesday’s special ZBNow section. Yea, we do. Every Wednesday, ZBNow has a page on anime sub-culture related news from Japan.

  3. Yo James, how r u?? Never hear from u for so long

  4. from tsp

  5. @ tsp : Well, yea, busy lately, but should have at least dropped by your site, lol. I’ll keep that in mind then.

  6. Better do man, dun just say u noe!!! kidding xd.

    I’m going Singapore around December, is there a chance i can see u?

  7. Sure. Keep me informed of the details and I could work something out, I guess…

  8. You might find this site interesting as it lets you link Lianhe Zaobao newspaper covers to your blog