Elementaler is a doujin game by Perceptron. It’s pretty interesting, really. Plays like one of those old game books, except in computer form. Finally managed to reach the end of the whole game (OMG without being able to understand the moonspeak at all… ok, a little, but it was hardly enough).

Well, you play as Tia, an adventurer going off on a quest (Gomenasai! >_< That was the best I could randomly pick out from the moonspeak). On the way, you do the usual. Meet bad guys, kill bad guys, meet puzzles, solve puzzles, avoid the bad endings and finally reach the end of the game. Nothing really too difficult except that the battle system, which I will elaborate more later on, is mostly a lot of luck. Then, to a non-japanese, there's also figuring out what happens next...

(Sorry, my brain is fried by excessive moonrunes @_@...)

Well, a bit about the battle system then. No skill required unless super fast reflexes counts. Basically, you have a pair of dice, which you roll, then find the sum of the two resulting numbers. Check the table for the corresponding damage and bam, deal that much damage. Ditto for enemies attacking you. Sounds complex, but it’s all automated. All you have to do is to click to stop the dice. First guy to run out of HP loses. Here’s a screenshot…

For those who can’t read the japanese tutorial… The white 30 indicates your current health, and the green one your max health (yes, you can increase it). The two rows of numbers is the table from which you obtain your damage. Then below that, you have your bonus levels, 1 Attack and 1 Defense. Those bonuses basically add to your damage and subtracts from incoming attacks.

(Insert next battle screenshot here…)

The hard part is that you can’t see the opponents stats, just his roll-to-damage table. But generally, deal more damage than you take and you should be fine. I haven’t met a monster with more health than Tia…

The art itself is pretty decent I guess. The background for the town could do with some touching up though, it seems a bit too rough and unnatural. Well, 3D modelling isn’t exactly easy.

Some problems I encoutered along the way? Well, besides being unable to read japanese and getting totally lost…
I didn’t know how to save O_O. I need an instruction manual! Well, don’t worry, if you meet a bad end, quick load will send you back to the last choice, so you can avoid going the way of NICE BOAT.
Also, healing medicines are few and far between. Unless there’s an easier way to avoid damage (perhaps avoiding battle completely works?), your health at the start of each consecutive battle gets less and less…

And yes, for those who have figured it out, there are H scenes. Each H scene is actually a Ban End/Game Over (how bad they are may be debatable by some…). Funny thing is, thanks to my inability to save, coupled with the quick load, it was easier to reach the end than to unlock all of the H scenes. Oh well, I guess that’s life…

10 Responses to “Elementaler”

  1. Lol, how long did it took?

  2. Scribelight Says:

    Lol, how long did you take?

  3. Hmm, few hours. Maybe about one to complete the game, but trying to do a full unlock on my own was hard.

  4. How to save game >>> Right click at the story screen not on battle and choice.

  5. Ahh, thanks a lot. I must have been right clicking at the wrong places or the wrong times then.

  6. Looks interesting. How many endings they were in the game?

  7. Lol, I didn’t take count, but… Probably about 20+ or so? Maybe thirty something at most?

  8. def. over 20. no doubt

  9. Do u think this game will be translated to english? I hope so

  10. Meh, you can do it. It’s just a low recognition doujin game. I can’t quite think of anyone who will actually want to bother to translate it.