Lol, apparently there was this virus flying around peer to peer programs like Winny yesterday. The virus features a picture of Kyou grabbing Tomoya’s tie while it goes around your hard drive burning up all your data. Evil Kyou FTW! (Obviously I didn’t get burnt…)

Well, the funny part is that the creator of the virus has been arrested. However, the Japanese don’t have laws against writing viruses… The best they can charge the guy with is a copyright infringement. He shouldn’t have used a Key character picture on his virus. If he hadn’t, he might have gotten away with it. Kyou evidently stands up for her rights!

Messing with Fujibayashi Kyou is Serious Business!

2 Responses to “CLANNAIDS Strikes!”

  1. Lol, at least Kyou pic was in it, which should lessen the blow…a bit ^^.

  2. Haha, lol. Lessen the blow a bit. Yes, a bit. But it’ll still take some pretty hardcore Kyou lover to accept his hard drive being wiped by Kyou, let alone be happy about it.

    Now, if only it was Tomoyo. Maybe Guncannon would want to get that virus…