Hi all, Rakugakid here

I have just been added as a writer on R.A.W.R and I think it is best for me to do an introduction first.

Firstly, I am a noobie so my posts are really random. My niche is generally being random. Though, most of the time I would complain about not having enough money to buy this manga or that magazine and stuff, so please bear with me. ^^

Manga which I bought last night

In any case, I am just a poor(literally), average(also literally) manga collector so my posts would be related to what I do in my blog. Anyway most of the stuff I do is crap and I might do double posts so that readers don’t have to check both blogs to see what random stuff I might be doing.

Bought them today, I think its an ecchi manga

Yeah so, I think this should be all for today. I have to do my JAE now as I don’t have time for it tomorrow (My classes end at 5pm and the deadline is at 4), erm thats all.

4 Responses to “Hi all, Rakugakid here”

  1. Nice to meet you Rakugakid ^^. Hope to see more post from you in the future. Oh yeah, nice selection of manga you bought there ( I’m a fan of Princess Ressurection and To-Love-ru Trouble).

  2. Nice to meet you too and thanks for telling me the name of the manga I just bought today, coz I wasn’t very sure ^^

  3. Right, since Rakugakid is here, I’ld best start working on that new writers intro post then…

  4. Oh, yes, before I forget. Yes, it is an ecchi manga. Called To-Love-Ru. The anime is coming soon.