Mangaka and Seiyuu Courses

77 STAR Pte Ltd is offering course for aspiring mangaka and seiyuu. If you’ve ever been ambitious enough to try for a career in any of these two fields, then go ahead and try the course.

I haven’t actually wrote anything about the earlier courses yet, but from what I’ve been hearing, some of them are full already, so for this is actually the second intake for the seiyuu course.

And I suppose this sort of thing isn’t new, although it’s tough to find in Singapore. Well, one bonus about this course. The company in question is actually gearing up to start producing anime here (yes, they are hiring staff too). So finishing the course could mean a job actually producing anime. Quite a draw eh? Well, that’s the basics. Link bundle below for those interested.

Voice Actor Course / studio;

Japanese 2-D Animation Master Course / studio;


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