February’s first post [Rakugakid]

Due to my disappointing ‘O’ level results, I have decided to drop out of school and go for National Service instead.

I just got the singlet last week.

Ok, I was just kidding. I got the singlet from my relative who completed National Service some time ago and since it does not fit him anymore he gave it to me. Anyway I will be going for my National Service in a couple of years so its ok for me to wear the singlet around I think.

YAY, my tamagotchi grew bigger

I am not called Rakugakid for nothing, though it should have been just rakugaki which means scrawl; scribble; graffiti.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya manga book 4

Not sure what had gotten to me, but my expenditure on manga has decreased drastically ever since last week. I only bought one manga this week, though I will probably go and get to-love-ru book 3 and 4 later. Crap, the manga had been edited from the original japanese version so I can’t help but feel left out on some ecchi scenes lol.

Anyway I will probably go broke tomorrow, with Rdrake who kindly helped me buy Megami February edition, and prospects of buying a doujin too, I will probably blow my wallet again.

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  1. Well, more Haruhi is not bad either…