Patchcon ~Defend the Library~

Author : —RDrake—

Today’s write up is a short one on the doujin game Patchcon by Twilight Frontier (Tasogare Frontier/ Tasofran). Patchcon is basically a real time strategy game using characters from the Touhou series. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Tasofran is handling the Touhou series; they were also the creators of the semi-official Touhou fighter games Touhou Suimusou and Scarlet Weather Rapsody.

For first time players reading this, please do not be alarmed if my screens do not match yours.My screens come from playing after having unlocked the extra modes. You get this after winning about three times.

For those who can’t read the Kanji, I’m going explain a little on the basics of the game.
Arcade : The basic play mode. Select your team and go.
Extra : Special game modes. See screenshot below… The list of modes will follow the order as shown in the image.

100,000 mode :  Arcade mode except you start with 100k in funds.
Big Group mode : Arcade mode except with BIGGER waves of enemies.
Thief mode : Enemies head straight for the bookshelf without stopping to attack your forces.
Mixed mode : Each wave is made up of two different enemy characters.
Surrounded mode : Waves spawn from all directions instead of just one.
Boss mode : Only bosses spawn (three at a time). Watch out for boss bosses…
TD mode : Tower defence, basically. No blocking allowed.
Infinite mode : There’s no end. Endurance test, basically.

Team Select:

The top button is basically start game, once you have a team selected. The lower button is to allow you to choose five characters across the different teams. Note that you can only use the two secret characters under this mode.


Gameplay is simple. It follows the good old Westwood RTS system. Select units by click/dragging the left mouse button.  Order them to move and attack with the right mouse button.
As for the status screen on the right, the clock represents the remaining time/waves (each wave appears regularly). When it reaches 12 o’ clock, all waves have spawned.
Under that, the two numbers represent your books remaining (lives) and gold (funds) respectively. The five cards underneath are global spells for use during emergencies (suggested, although you can throw them out any time). These speels are usable one time each per round, so use them carefully. In order from left to right, the spells are…

Fire : Deal substantial damage to all enemies on the map.
Water : Rapid healing and respawn for your forces for a limited time.
Wood : Increase the movement and attack speeds of your forces for a limited time.
Metal : Casts invulnerability on your bookshelf for a limited time.
Earth : Greatly increases the defence of your forces for a limited time.

The next item on the status bar would be regarding troop strength. The green bars going up would refer to the amount of a certain unit you have fielded. The red bars (not in screenshot) going pointing down refer to dead troops waiting for respawn. If you have dead troops, there should be a horizontal bar underneath which displays the time remaining till respawn. Note that units only respawn one by one, regardless of how many there are in the queue. The pictures under the bars simply represent a given character in your team and you must click on those pictures to access the buy and upgrade buttons.

Under that would be the the buy and upgrade (not in screenshot) buttons respectively. Note that while you have units selected, the buy button becomes a sell button. On each of these, the amount of funds required (or would result) from the purchase (or sale) of units or upgrades are shown. The space below these buttons is used for displaying the stats of a unit. The stats only appear when you either click on one of the unit pictures or select a unit. Note that stats display includes the skills and unit type of the selected unit

(There are three main types of units. Melee (Light & Heavy), Ranged (Short & Long) and Grenade. Melee is effective against ranged, ranged against grenadiers, and grenadiers against melee. Each have different stats and respawn times. Note that every different character has a different skill set.)

The NEXT/START button at the bottom simply calls the next wave to enter. The clock will be adjusted accordingly. Also, every time you click NEXT, a multiplyer is activated which multiplies the points you get for each kill for a limited time. (Represented by the X15 in the next screen). Click next again to restore it / increase the multiplyer effect.

Whee! TD! I’m trying to hit 400 million points! (This screen contains more items than the earlier one. The stats, for example…)

Game review:

Storyline : Unrated
There’s no real storyline to speak off. Suffice to say that it’s based off the way Marisa the witch is always stealing books from the library of Patchouli the magician. (Read up the Touhou wiki or some doujins for this background info.)

Gameplay : 7.5/10
It won’t come close to anything mainstream like warcraft in terms of scale, size, or complexity but it’s still quite fun in it’s simplicity. The multiple modes also make for more fun than usual. A lack of multiplayer capability is sad, but no big loss. It’s hard to imagine how it could even be possible in the first place.

Visuals : 7/10
Very cute, chibi SD art. Apparently size does matter, it’s easier to draw them small and 2D.

Sound : 7/10
More cute sounds! BGMs are typical generic battle stuff though. May have been better if it had Touhou’s oriental themes in them.

Overall : 7/10
Twilight Frontier has delivered again! Highly recommended game for everyone!

You know you are SCREWED when…

P.S. If you are playing the game from a disc image, I suggest you copy the contents of the disc image file onto your hard drive, otherwise, you’ll never be able to save your scores and will have to unlock everything everytime you start the game.

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  1. Whee, Patchcon!

    Haha… definitely a fun game, especially if you just need to burn time for something.

    …and you’re way better at it than I am. Heh… I can barely finish the game on the hardest difficulty setting in normal mode. =/

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