Anime/Game Renders

Well, this would be my render collection page. I’ll leave this as a directory for any of my renders that I put up here on my blog. Feel free to take and use them. I’m not going to hound people for that. Any recognition would be nice though, since I’m not going to be obnoxious and leave my name on every one.

Also, I’m fine with handling requests, and I’ll try to do my best with them. If you want to request something, either email the picture to me with your request, or leave a comment linking to the picture you want rendered.

And NO! I do not make hentai renders. Anyone dare to ask me that… I will kill Shiori-chan in your name!!! (And wait for someone I know on AB IRC to come kill you…)

Primula (Shuffle!) render 1

Izen (GadgetTrial) render 1

Fire Embem render 1

Nei (GadgetTrial) render 1

Nei Ninja Scout Car Outfit (Gadget Trial) render 1
Yu-ri SP Artillery render 1