Fall 2008 Midseason Review

Ok, I’m doing an extension of the post by NovaJinx. Since Nova decided that he’s only reviewing a few shows, I thought I would go ahead, take his table format, and try it out on another few shows.

All in all, this season is good. Not just good as in nothing to really drag it down, but good as in lots of actually much-more-than-mediocre serieses. Admittedly I have low standards, and will watch just about anything, but there’s good action, good comedy… What more could I ask for?

These are quite obviously the shows I’ve been watching for the past few weeks now… Well, just some of them. NovaJinx’s list covers some more, and then there are still some which are not listed, such as Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganare. Read the rest of this entry »

Anime Festival Asia 08

Anime Festival Asia 08 is the first Anime convention to be held in Singapore. (No, I think Cosfest doesn’t exactly qualify, sadly. But it’s close enough.) It’s promising big names and a lot of things to do and see.

Official Website: http://animefestivalasia.com/index.htm
Pre-registration is open on the main site, tickets are available at SGD$5 for one day entry and SGD$8 for two day entry. Event dates are 22nd and 23rd of November (Saturday ad Sunday respectively).

Basic Summary on some of the biggest highlights:
- Concerts. May’n and Ichirou Mizuki.
- Gunpla galore.
- Doujin showcasing
- Anime studio showcasing
- Merchandise sales
- Cosplay

Ok, now to the personal writings. Yes, I will be going. Already pre-registered one ticket. This is supposed to be huge. For one, I don’t remember there being ever an anime convention of this size and scale ever in Singapore. For it to be held at Suntec is already quite a feat. (Cosfest has been held at Downtown East, a far cry…) So, let’s all go down and watch history in the making. 

ToraDora! 1 & 2 : Ryuuji’s Visual Montage of Pain

The main points of the first two episodes featuring the tsundere loli Taiga Aisaka can be summed up using mere pictures. Well, as they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

“I am NOT short!” Read the rest of this entry »

Koihime Musou: All’s well that ends well

Peace at last…

Review coming up soon, but first, let’s talk about the shock at the end about Liu Bei (Ryuubi) (Yes, I am following Impz of THAT’s procedure of writing the names in Chinese rather than in Japanese, if only because it makes things easier for me…).

Liu Bei first appears in episode 11 as the head of the volunteer army. While this would be true to the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it was quite a deviation from the Koihime game, which did NOT have a Liu Bei character like that. Imagine my shock when some ikky looking guy suddenly pops onto my fanservice anime and proceeds to become the love interest of the main heroine. Read the rest of this entry »

Nanoha fans rejoice!

I’ve been away for too long. Best to get a post up, any post, before I stay away even longer.

Yay! Megami Magazine’s 100th issue is out in Japan. For two weeks already. For those of us waiting for it to ship over, apparently it’s a Nanoha issue. Special contents include, oh joy, a Nanoha StikerS drama CD with CD jacket. More info at the publisher’s site. Remember to get your copy when it arrives and while stocks last. \(A)/

Anyway, there’s no such thing as too much Nanoha <3

Animeblogger Donation Drive

Hayate is crying… You wouldn’t say no to her, would you?

Great, it seems that Animeblogger is in the red recently… Advertising revenue hasn’t been enough to keep up with the massive costs of running this place, so some donation money is really needed to help support.

The goals for this donation drive are USD1700 and USD2300 to firstly cover taxes and current costs, and secondly, get better hardware and servers. In total, USD4000. It’s really a lot of money, so I hope that everyone out there will help chip in a little.

Well, I guess those of you who are interested would want to know how to donate. There are two main ways. First one is Paypal. This should be simple to anyone who has used it before. Most of the animebloggers should have a set of AB links (mine are on the right), one of which should be for donations. Just use that link. The other method would be to buy Animeblogger merchandise. Remember the mascot competition sometime back? Think along the lines of merchandise with the winning mascots on them. Cute stuff…

Well, bottom line is, AB.net needs money. Please don’t be evil and not donate. I’m sure that if all of AB’s readers gave a dollar each, we’ll have more than enough.

EDIT : Ok, I got the amount of money required wrong. It’s not USD 1700 and USD 2300. It’s USD 1600 and USD 600. Sorry for the erorr…

Patchcon ~Defend the Library~

Author : —RDrake—

Today’s write up is a short one on the doujin game Patchcon by Twilight Frontier (Tasogare Frontier/ Tasofran). Patchcon is basically a real time strategy game using characters from the Touhou series. Interestingly enough, this is not the first time Tasofran is handling the Touhou series; they were also the creators of the semi-official Touhou fighter games Touhou Suimusou and Scarlet Weather Rapsody. Read the rest of this entry »

A day after Valentine’s day, what difference does it make?

Author : —Rakugakid—

Happy Total Defence Day to everyone. Fortunately Total Defence Day comes a day after Valentine’s Day though it wouldn’t really make too much of a difference.

Anyway, it has been more than a week since my last post so I thought I would just do a small post. The full post can be found here.

I went to KKnM on Wednesday and got myself…

A picture speaks a thousand words so I will let it do the talking

I haven’t quite sorted out my Megami and Comp H as I opened my Dengeki Gs first. Inside, I found a voice CD, a HP wiper strap and a pillowcase.

Lazy to take out the pillowcase so this should do

Before I end, I would like to ask if anyone can give me advice on drawing? Doodling has been a long time hobby of mine (Thats why my name is Rakugakid らくがきド without the ド it would mean scribble) Here is an example of what I copied from Fortune Arterial.I have two more on my own blog so feel free to comment on them.

I know it has no standard but please don’t flame me T_T
Oh yeah and I didn’t do anything else to the picture except add auto leveling.

Today is supposed to be special?

Author : —RDrake—

Hmmm, it’s the time of the year again. The animebloggers start getting oh, so RONERY because it’s Valentine’s Day and they haven’t gotten anyone to give them chocos… It can’t be helped I guess. If they had any girlfriends to begin with, they wouldn’t be blogging about anime, so…

Disclaimer : Impz is a major exception. A very well known animeblogger who actually has a girlfriend… Is it because of his trap image?

Me? Lonely? Sorry, been too busy going through CLANNAD to be lonely…
Well, anyway, for those of you interested to know out there, I did get some chocos. From my imouto… Last night. In a cup. It was melted hot chocolate, the leftovers of her attempt (successful) to make some sort of choco biscuit or something…
I managed to drink half a cup, before starting to feel sick. Turns out, normal hot chocolate is mainly water with somewhere between 10% to 50% of chocolate inside normally. My imouto’s hot chocolate came from a slab of baking chocolate melted using boiling cream… After drinking the concoction, I immediatly went off to sleep.
And, yes, that’s how I went through this year’s 14th February…

Happy Lunar New Year to all!

Author : —RDrake—

As the title says. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good pictures to put up, since the Japanese don’t really celebrate the Lunay New Year (they’ve got Hatsumode already anyway)… I’ll try get a pic later.
Well, best of wishes to everyone. Hope the new year brings in lots of wealth, hehehe…

P.S. Short post due to lack of time. I’ve got to rush of to go collect money go visit my relatives.

[EDIT] :

Yup, it’s day 2 of the celebrations. I’m still busy, but I managed to find a decent enough picture to put up. Wallpaper sized version is available. Just click the pic. This wasn’t made by me though…