February’s first post [Rakugakid]

Due to my disappointing ‘O’ level results, I have decided to drop out of school and go for National Service instead.

I just got the singlet last week.

Ok, I was just kidding. I got the singlet from my relative who completed National Service some time ago and since it does not fit him anymore he gave it to me. Anyway I will be going for my National Service in a couple of years so its ok for me to wear the singlet around I think.

YAY, my tamagotchi grew bigger

I am not called Rakugakid for nothing, though it should have been just rakugaki which means scrawl; scribble; graffiti.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya manga book 4

Not sure what had gotten to me, but my expenditure on manga has decreased drastically ever since last week. I only bought one manga this week, though I will probably go and get to-love-ru book 3 and 4 later. Crap, the manga had been edited from the original japanese version so I can’t help but feel left out on some ecchi scenes lol.

Anyway I will probably go broke tomorrow, with Rdrake who kindly helped me buy Megami February edition, and prospects of buying a doujin too, I will probably blow my wallet again.

Mangaka and Seiyuu Courses

77 STAR Pte Ltd is offering course for aspiring mangaka and seiyuu. If you’ve ever been ambitious enough to try for a career in any of these two fields, then go ahead and try the course.

I haven’t actually wrote anything about the earlier courses yet, but from what I’ve been hearing, some of them are full already, so for this is actually the second intake for the seiyuu course.

And I suppose this sort of thing isn’t new, although it’s tough to find in Singapore. Well, one bonus about this course. The company in question is actually gearing up to start producing anime here (yes, they are hiring staff too). So finishing the course could mean a job actually producing anime. Quite a draw eh? Well, that’s the basics. Link bundle below for those interested.

Voice Actor Course / studio;

Japanese 2-D Animation Master Course / studio;


Hi all, Rakugakid here

I have just been added as a writer on R.A.W.R and I think it is best for me to do an introduction first.

Firstly, I am a noobie so my posts are really random. My niche is generally being random. Though, most of the time I would complain about not having enough money to buy this manga or that magazine and stuff, so please bear with me. ^^

Manga which I bought last night

In any case, I am just a poor(literally), average(also literally) manga collector so my posts would be related to what I do in my blog. Anyway most of the stuff I do is crap and I might do double posts so that readers don’t have to check both blogs to see what random stuff I might be doing.

Bought them today, I think its an ecchi manga

Yeah so, I think this should be all for today. I have to do my JAE now as I don’t have time for it tomorrow (My classes end at 5pm and the deadline is at 4), erm thats all.


Lol, apparently there was this virus flying around peer to peer programs like Winny yesterday. The virus features a picture of Kyou grabbing Tomoya’s tie while it goes around your hard drive burning up all your data. Evil Kyou FTW! (Obviously I didn’t get burnt…)

Well, the funny part is that the creator of the virus has been arrested. However, the Japanese don’t have laws against writing viruses… The best they can charge the guy with is a copyright infringement. He shouldn’t have used a Key character picture on his virus. If he hadn’t, he might have gotten away with it. Kyou evidently stands up for her rights!

Messing with Fujibayashi Kyou is Serious Business!

Christmas Presents…

Hmm, this was absolutely funny. So I thought what I’ld do was to put the link out here as a present for everyone. Nico Nico Douga for the win! More clips as well…
It’s combat Hatsune Miku! Well, basically it’s Miku overlayed into one of the fight scenes in The Matrix (I think it’s the second movie of the series.) It’s not perfect but still a really good job, even if you can still sometimes see Keanu Reeve’s figure. Still his coat hanging out at the back really makes Miku look as if she’s wearing a dress. It’s too bad the voices weren’t changed…

Oh, and watch out for her leek…


This next one is for Fuuko. Merry Christmas Fuuko, even though you’re gone now…


Right, then here’s a School Days vid. Nothing too special about it, but I want to get three clips up here :3

Merry Christmas 2007!

Ho Ho Ho! It’s that time of the year again. Well, Merry Christmas everyone. Remember to enjoy your holiday before next year comes and it’s back to the usual hustle and bustle again.

Shana gets red for a different reason at this time of year…

Hmm, well, yea, this post marks the end of my holiday hiatus. I’ve been away and not writing cos of multiple overseas trips. So you can start expecting to see me around again.

And just for fun, does anyone have any Christmas music to listen to? Right now I’m looping snow again by ave;new feat. Sakura Saori (Getting AkaiWolf to see if he can get their album over at the upcoming C73). It’s a great song, I love the bell effects in the background, makes for a techno carol feel. It is also at the moment the only song on my collection remotely Christmas related.

So does anyone have any others they want to share? Leave comments please!

RDrake AFK…

RDrake will be away for a while. Until the 23rd of November to be exact. Sorry that this means no posts until then. He will be away in backwater China away from computers. Please pray for him that he will survive…


Elementaler is a doujin game by Perceptron. It’s pretty interesting, really. Plays like one of those old game books, except in computer form. Finally managed to reach the end of the whole game (OMG without being able to understand the moonspeak at all… ok, a little, but it was hardly enough).

Well, you play as Tia, an adventurer going off on a quest (Gomenasai! >_< That was the best I could randomly pick out from the moonspeak). On the way, you do the usual. Meet bad guys, kill bad guys, meet puzzles, solve puzzles, avoid the bad endings and finally reach the end of the game. Nothing really too difficult except that the battle system, which I will elaborate more later on, is mostly a lot of luck. Then, to a non-japanese, there's also figuring out what happens next...

(Sorry, my brain is fried by excessive moonrunes @_@...) Read the rest of this entry »

Joke Post :3

Uguu~ Guncannon is going to kill me for this…

The following is some random madness as usually seen on #animeblogger @ irchighway. For background information, please visit! Read the rest of this entry »

Moe Day Surprise

Hmm, Moe Day is long over by a few days now, but I found something really interesting…

(For those not in the know, Moe Day is 10th October. It is derived from the kanji/chinese word for moe, which is made up by the kanji/chinese words for ten-day-ten-month.)

And it just so happened that on Moe Day the Chinese paper happened to publish a report on the NICE BOAT fiasco. (I believe I shouldn’t have to explain but, anyway, due to a murder in Tokyo, School Days episode 12 was replaced by some scenic views. Someone on 4chan commented NICE BOAT and the name stuck.)

Included in the article was a couple of pictures for the two shows that got cancelled. School Days, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. And the HiguKai pic was a moe moe Rika pictures… uguu~…

Here’s the scan of the article for those interested. By some accident, I seem to have left out the date for the paper, but I’ll fix that when I get my scanner working again.